SGNTV: We have a YouTube Channel!

SGNTV: We have a YouTube Channel!

The Scottish Games Network loves trying new ways to engage with the gaming community and spread the word about games in Scotland. That’s why we’re trying our hand at video production through our new SGN YouTube Channel!

The idea behind this channel is to promote Scottish game development, inform you about the industry, start interesting discussions about gaming in Scotland and, most importantly, entertain you lovely people.

Right now there are two videos on the channel. First of all, we have an interview with Kationa Gillon, the brains (BRAAAIIINS!) behind the forthcoming Date of the Dead.

We played through the game’s demo with Katriona. Hopefully you’ll get a feel for the game and play it for yourself.

[And then read Ryan’s excellent accompanying piece: The Seven Singletons of Purgatory ~Brian]

The second, our flagship show’s pilot, Chattin’!

What is Chattin’?

The show does exactly what it says on the tin. Every week we’ll be starting a conversation based on the articles you’ve read right here on The idea is we’ll pick a topic, speak a little about it and encourage you guys to continue the conversation in the comments. One of our favourite things about gaming at SGN is sharing what we love about our favourite hobby. We noticed that there isn’t a space for that within our website and decided YouTube would be perfect! If you have an idea for a show topic let us know on Twitter or in the YouTube Comments section.

We’re really excited about the channel and hope you guys are too! There are so many directions we can take this platform in. However, we want to be making the content that you want to see. Let us know what you want to see on the channel and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date!

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