Edinburgh Science Festival: Call For Ideas

Edinburgh Science Festival: Call For Ideas

The 2021 Festival will run from  June 26 – July 11. 

The Edinburgh Science Festival is looking for bright ideas. The call for new concepts, events and ‘stuff’ is open to anyone – individuals, groups or organisations – with bright ideas and a passion for communicating them.

They are looking for participants from diverse fields across the sciences, arts and cultural sectors (videogames – this includes YOU). From fabulous shows for all ages, to thought-provoking discussions, interactive events, art pieces, exhibitions and workshops that bring science to life, they are eager to hear your suggestions. 

The world is changing and the festival is changing with it. The 2021 festival will deliver several events in entirely new formats and in entirely new spaces.

Outdoor & Online

With this in mind, the festival has a particular interest in outdoor programmes and experiences, including walks, tours, trails, exhibitions and installations.

The other game changer will be events and ideas which can be delivered, experienced and enjoyed online, which can augment, adapt and recontextualise the live festival experience as much as possible.

Digital and interactive media offers the opportunity for the audience to participate remotely in extirely new ways. Education, entertainment and engagement are all areas where gaming can offer a huge amount of new ideas.

In 2021 the Festival theme will be One World, exploring how we are all connected – to each other, to Planet Earth and to the wider Universe. 

How do you get involved? 

First, read the Call for Ideas Guide to find out more about the process, including benefits and costs, and a timeline of what to expect if your proposal is accepted (you can also download the festival’s Vision Document which outlines our themes for 2021).

Submit a proposal 

Once you’ve read the guide, click here to submit the online proposal form by 5pm onWednesday December 23 for your chance to be part of one of the world’s best science festivals. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, or want to discuss your ideas further, please contact Festival Programme Manager Conor Ellis via email.

In addition to our general Call for Ideas, we are also seeking content collaborators for an exciting photography exhibition project. 

To find out more about each call and to apply, visit our website

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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