OUT NOW: Stories Untold Hits (More) Consoles

OUT NOW: Stories Untold Hits (More) Consoles

The award-winning ‘experimental text adventure’ Stories Untold has just hit Xbox & PlayStation. As in, this very morning…

Created by deeply creepy indie darlings No Code, and published by notorious conspiracy theorists Devolver Digital, Stories Untold brings together a horribly sinister combination of classic text-adventure and point-and-click adventure in a beautifully presented period setting.

The game packs four short stories into a single mysterious anthology that has earned widespread critical acclaim (and truckloads of trophies) since its initial release. Seriously, look at the laureal wreaths and stars here:

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker told us:

Stories Untold is so unbelievably intense it made me question why I got into video games in the first place. It was money. Go buy Stories Untold on more consoles, nerds.

Stories Untold is already available on PC (Steam & Epic Store) and Nintendo Switch. So this more or less completes the whole set.

However, according to the official No Code Twitter account, the studio is not yet done. They’re planning to reanimate the corpse of the late, lamented (by us) Nokia N-Gage, for a truly disturbing undead experience.

THANK YOU guys! We are personally going to hold No Code to this publicly made promise and will review the game immediately upon release.

Follow No Code and Devolver for more news and updates.

Now go and buy the game (or wait for the N-Gage version).

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