XBLG: Gamerhub 2 Xbox Boogaloo

XBLG: Gamerhub 2 Xbox Boogaloo

Good news gamers. Xbox Live Gamerhub is back! After a brief hiatus, the Scotland-based site, which pulled together Xbox gamers from around the world, is set to return, with a new focus, but keeping all of the elements which made it successful.

Created by Gavin Divers back in 2009, Xbox Live Gamerhub was one of the first communities which incorporated multiple channels and content types. We asked Gavin for an update on his plans for the site. Here’s what he told us…

Ok, A brief story about what XBLG is and why you should care.

Back in 2009 I had an idea. Looking at all the problems online gamers are plagued with: gamers not being matched on age or language, gamers not using a microphone, the list goes on and on…

So I created a website where gamers could meet and organise their online gaming sessions. I saw playing with friends as very similar to mates having a laugh in the pub and I wanted to put that experience in a jar – a habitat where gamers could enjoy everything about gaming.

The community grew very organically. The social channels all smashed the 10,000 follower mark. It was happening!

I dived headfirst into the word of an entrepreneur, looking to take my idea and see how far I could run with it. Fast forward ten years and I was burnt out. I didn’t succeed in making it a business and had pushed harder than any one person should.

Xbox Live Gamerhub screenshot

So in 2019, I took the decision to close the site. Now, 14 months later, XBLG is back!

Still based headquartered in Paisley, we’ve connected with a local tabletop gaming cafe ComicCrazy (run by John Gilbert) and we’re making some exciting new plans.

Prior to 2019, we’d had a lot of success: We were the first hit in Google, we were supported directly by Xbox, we had a web show, our own Halo spartan mascot, videos being featured on the Xbox live dashboard, you name it…

Xbox Live Gamerhub - Halo 4 Tournament

It felt like we were millimetres from all our dreams coming true. At one point, unbelievably, a couple once emailed me, to invite me to their wedding, since they had first met on XBLG.

I’m not saying that will happen again this time around, but the XBLG magic is back. The Xbox Live Gamerhub will strive to stand out from the norm and offer that little bit more than any gaming publication/community.

So expect news, reviews, video content, competitions and much much more.

~ Gavin

So there you have it. Watch this space. You can find XBLG on the following channels…

Welcome back.

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