OUT NOW: Murderous Pursuits Mobile

OUT NOW: Murderous Pursuits Mobile

Murderous Pursuits, the game of surreptitious assassination, from Glasgow’s Blazing Griffin, has finally hit mobile.

Originally released on PC back in 2018, the game gained popularity with 2.4 million players attempting to literally stab each other in the back.

The mobile version of the game retains all the core features of the PC version, but introduces abilities, environments, features and game modes including Stronghold Assault and Spy VS Assassin.

Following a successful soft launch in South East Asia, Murderous Pursuits is now available across Europe, the Americas, South and South East Asia, Oceania and Africa on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Blazing Griffin licensed the the mobile game to Chinese games giant, NetEase, who handled the development and publishing.

Justin Alae-Carew, Blazing Griffin’s head of games, told the SGN:

It’s great to be working with NetEase and to see our IP taken to another level. At Blazing Griffin we look at IP development from a long-term world building perspective to take advantage of these opportunities to expand our products beyond a single title or market.

Through our partnership with NetEase, from our humble home in Glasgow we can reach a global audience across multiple platforms.

If you’ve never come across the game, Murderous Pursuits mobile, invites players to step into the neatly polished shoes of an assassin to embark on a secret mission from the rum and uncanny Mr. X.

One must attend a party on board the steamship Britannic and eliminate the targets you have been given. Sadly, this isn’t as simple as slipping cyanide into the cucumber sandwiches, or poisoning the Pimms. You too are on the hit list, with other players hunting you in turn, disguised as non-player characters and awaiting their moment to strike.

Single player and team based game modes enable multiple assassins to lurk in the aspidistras and cause havok and mayhem for the staff.

(If that’s not enough, the mobile game also features the excellent original period soundtrack from composer Luci Holland).

The Murderous Pursuits website has all of the links, background information and links to social channels.

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