OUT NOW: Island Saver Mobile Hits iOS

OUT NOW: Island Saver Mobile Hits iOS

Island Saver mobile! Let there be cake! This week marks the eighth birthday of Stormcloud Studios. It also marks the latest release from the studio, Island Saver hitting mobile devices.

Stormcloud’s game which teaches kids and young people (and a growing audience of happy adults) about money has hit the Apple App Store.

On PC and console, the game has already reached 1.7M million downloads and is heading towards a cool two million, even before the Android version is launched in a couple of weeks time.

If you’ve managed to miss the Island Saver story, say for example, you’ve been concentrating on a global pandemic, general collapse of the ecosystem, exposure of politics as wholly corrupt, or the football starting again (we’re not judging…) then you’re missing a treat.

The game is a joyous exploration the Savvy Islands archipelago. Players must clean up the plastic waste and oily goop, which blights the landscape, making it safe for the bankimals to go about their business – and business is the whole point.

The game was created within the context of NatWest’s Money Sense programme, which teaches children and young people about financial concepts, from saving and spending, to taxation and loans.

Island Saver Mobile: Gameplay screenshot

Stormcloud have taken this concept and run with it. They’ve managed to make the concept of taxation not only tangible, but highlight the beneficial aspects of paying tax. Seriously. There are politicians and celebrities who could learn a thing or two.

If you’ve not tried the game yet, we’d reccomend it. It’s free to play, the game play is rock solid, the design is gorgeous (until you’ve seen a happy bankimal pop in a shower of gold coins, you’ve not really experienced serious gaming contentment).

Despite being aimed at a younger audience, the game is picking up a dedicated older audience. Unlike many ‘educational’ games, which tend to be ignored by the mainstream games audience, Island Saver has been reviewed, recorded, streamed, spoilered and shared through a growing number of popular YouTube and Twitch streams.

Island Saver fits very neatly into the growing movement of ‘wholesome‘ games, which groups together games which utilise more relaxing and rewarding activities, than the usual death, destruction and explosion-based goodness.

You can find the iOS version of Island Saver mobile over on the App Store. Or you can find the console and PC versions at the following links.

Have fun!

Island Saver – Android (Coming soon)

You can find out more about financial education for children and explore additional resources for parents and teachers, over on the Island Saver web page.

And have a very happy eighth birthday Stormcloud!

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