Skelp – New Opportunities for Esports in Scotland

Launched earlier this week, Skelp Esports is a new Scottish organisation focused on building and investing in teams and players.

Skelp claims that many competitive players in Scotland are either looking for opportunities outside the country, or a leaving the esports scene entirely.

The organisation plans to address this by supporting Scottish gaming talent, through a combination of regular streaming, competitive events and participation in larger tournaments.

Skelp has launched with teams ready to compete across: Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Fortnite and FIFA 20.

Promising players who will be competing at the highest level on each title.

Skelp is also promising investment in three key areas: Talent, Technology & Community.

Skep says it will invest in identifying the best Scottish talent and create an infrastructure they can improve in. This will include regular training, bootcamps, scrims against other top players / organisations, as well as mental and physical support and career guidance.

Technology, claims Skelp, can make a huge different to players. Therefore they plan to make immediate improvements on the technology and equipment being used by players, to allow them to focus solely onplaying and improving.

Esports is nothing without a strong community and Skelp recognises it will be one of its more important investments. The organisations own tournaments will give followers and fans an opportunity to get involved in the Scottish gaming scene and feel more connected to those playing at a high level.

Jonny Boyle, the founder of Skelp, told us:

We want to create a brand that casual and competitive Scottish esports fans can support. Some of my favourite competitors and streamers are based outwith the country and it got me thinking about where the next generation of Scottish talent is coming from – and that’s what I want Skelp to be a driving force behind.

There’s a strong community out there already, but it’s always looked disjointed to me and we want to play our part in bringing all of these players and fans together. I firmly believe Scotland can be a real force in esports.

You can find Skelp Esports online in all of these places:

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