Company Profile: Tag Games

Company Profile: Tag Games

We proudly present TAG GAMES, the first in a new series in which we profile all of the companies working in Scotland’s rapidly evolving interactive industries.

Date Founded:

  • 2006 (that’s 14 years! Wow)

Business Type:

  • Limited Company


  • Dundee

The Boss:

Key Staff:

Number of Employees:


Social Media Links:



Key Tag Games:

Main Areas Of Business:

Work for hire & original IP

Elevator pitch:

We have been developing games on mobile and tablet for 14 years. There is not much we have not seen. We are a studio that’s focused continual improvement, be that with people or projects so it’s a great place to learn and hone those skills and the huge variety of world renowned IP we work on.


Recent move to our brand spanking new office. 

Greatest achievement So Far:

There are so many its hard to pin point. Remaining a fully independent studio for 14 years is something to be proud of. Not many studios with that depth of experience in the mobile tablet genre 

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows:

Nobody uses the almond milk in the fridge.

Willing to challenge other companies at which online/multiplayer game:

We have some amazing players at Tetris 99, Smash Bros, Warzone and Streetfighter 3. But we will out Animal Cross anyone that dares front to us 😛

Best Console Ever (and why)?:

N64 (Goldeneye obvs)

If your company was a movie, it would be…?

Rocky 2

You can find out more about Tag Games and contact them via our Company Directory page.

You can see Tag’s current vacancies on our Jobs Page.


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