Coming Soon: SOLAS A Synthwave Puzzler

Coming Soon: SOLAS A Synthwave Puzzler

SOLAS is a brand new synthwave-infused puzzle game that uses synchronized rhythmic movement to solve a whole world of intricate challenges.

Created by Amicable Animal, and published by Armor Games, SOLAS will be released on Steam in the very near future.

SOLAS consists of a single, constantly simulated, seamless world. Or as the trailer video puts it, one puzzle in a hundred pieces…

The initial pulses emitted from the logo flow through every puzzle. Each room solved serves as a smaller piece of the whole. While every gate opened unlocks new paths to explore.

SOLAS combines a simple, unique, aesthetic (which is also colourblind-friendly), with a unique synthwave soundtrack.

media-full-09Tom Methven, the designer and developer of the game, told SGN:

SOLAS began life as this mad little ‘what-if’ idea that I wasn’t sure would even work. To be able to announce this project, and that I’m collaborating with such awesome folk, is exciting and unreal in equal measure!”

The team behind the game includes:

Tom Methven, a part-time lecturer, part-time games developer, full-time tea drinker, who loves combining old-school mechanics with minimalist, modern game design. SOLAS will be his first commercially-released game

Jamesy Downie, The musician behind the synthwave sound of SOLAS and Steven McSeveney, Sound Designer and all-round audio nerd. He created the sound effects for SOLAS, marrying the neon-rich visuals with the game’s synth-fuelled soundtrack.

SOLAS can be wishlisted on Steam NOW. Help out a fellow developer and add it to your Steam wishlist today.

You can find out more about the game on the Armor Games website. You can find out about Tom’s other projects on the Amicable Animal website, or follow him on Twitter.

(We will, of course, let you know as soon as SOLAS is officially released).

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