Freelancers Wanted

Freelancers Wanted

It promises to be a fairly difficult time for freelance workers moving forward. The creative industries run on self-employed people, but with businesses of all kinds concentrating on survival and their full-time staff, the work out there may be scarce, difficult to find and sporadic.

So let’s help the freelance community (disclosure, this includes your editor) to stand out and let potential clients find them while we’re all working from home.

The Scottish Games Network’s Freelance Directory is open for submissions – and entirely free of charge. You can have a listing for free, clients can browse it for free. We can update it daily to make sure it’s as accurate as possible.

What We Need From You

Please e-mail us:

  • Your name (or business/trading name)
  • Logo (if you have one) or image/photo (optional)
  • Preferred contact details (email/mobile/online)
  • A brief description of what you do (250-300 words, feel free to include previous projects/clients (where allowed) and testimonials)
  • Online Link(s): Website, social channels

We’ll update the directory daily and share any new additions on a daily basis (so we really need your social channels/accounts).

This should be a great resource for companies across Scotland now and in the future, so if you offer freelance services, please get in touch now. Let’s see if we can help make the next few months a little easier.

Send your details to:



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