Scotland Needs YOUR Games

Scotland Needs YOUR Games

Let’s be honest, it’s been a weird few weeks. As more and more businesses shift to remote working and the reality of the Covid-19 isolation becomes clearer, ever greater numbers of people are going to be spending considerable amounts of time at home.

And the schools, colleges and universities are all closing too. Stress, worry and uncertainty are only going to get worse.

How Can We Help?

A number of organisations across Scotland are actively trying to help. ScotlandIS is pulling together a Business Hub, which will provide resources for businesses of all types, outlining how the tech sector can help during this period.

One aspect that’s not been getting a huge amount of focus is FUN and stress relief. In short, people are going to need games to give them some much needed time off, or a way to keep the kids occupied during conference calls…

We Want Your Games

In short: we want YOUR games. Mobile, casual, social and online. Anything people can access from home – whatever the format, we’ll build a list and share it with the whole country.

Whether you’re a professional development studio, independent part-time developer, student team, or game jammer, let’s give Scotland something fun to play.

We’ve started a Google Sheet, which will let every developer add their own games (name, platform, link, genre, suitable for kids, cost, description and company).

PLEASE add the games you consider appropriate. We’ll blog progress and shout about the companies which share their titles. If you have ANY offers (free for three months, 100 promo codes, etc.) let us know directly and we’ll highlight them.

Time is short. The business hub launches tomorrow, Friday 20th March, so we need your games added by 5pm today.


Thank you all in advance,



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