24 Hours Left to Apply For Cross Creative: Immersive

24 Hours Left to Apply For Cross Creative: Immersive

CrossCreative:Immersive is a brand new transformative training and development programme for immersive (virtual, augmented and cross reality) companies throughout Scotland’s digital sector.

Created by TRC Media, the company behind the very highly rated Cross Creative and Special Edition programmes, CC:Immersive is aimed at creative & tech businesses, already working in immersive content/storytelling, or looking to develop into this new area.

The programme has been designed to help these businesses increase their knowledge of areas of growth and opportunity in this area and develop new business links.

Applications Open Now

Applications for the CC:Immersive programme close at 17:00 on Wednesday 18th of September 2019, so you have only 24 hours left to apply.

Kicking off in October 2019, the programme runs over five months and comprises monthly one day sessions in Glasgow and concludes with an international field trip to North America, which gives participants unique access to leading companies in VR/AR/XR across tech, content and distribution.

What’s Covered?

TRC has an unparalelled reputation for finding the leading experts and best trainers for their courses. Topics within CC:Immersive include:

  • Innovation in Immersive, the Art of the Possible.
  • Effective business and personal messaging and pitching
  • Creative processes for problem-solving, goal-setting and strategic planning
  • Finance models and funding landscapes

Who’s Eligible?

CC:Immersive is open to senior creative & tech professionals, with strategic influence in commercial immersive businesses in Scotland’s digital sector.

This includes: games, entertainment, products & services, digital design, marketing, content, publishing, products & services, animation, and platforms/software.

Partners & Funding

The CrossCreative:Immersive programme is subsidised by TRC’s partners: Scottish Enterprise, Screen Scotland, Channel 4 and BBC Nations and Regions. There is a company fee of £500.

Apply Now!

You can apply for the Cross Creative:Immersive programme on the TRC website. As an alumni of the original Cross Creative programme, we cannot recommend TRC’s work highly enough.

If you’re doing anything at all with VR/AR/XR, you will get a lot out of this course.

Good luck!

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