Light Bytes – Coming Soon – To Edinburgh, Dundee & Glasgow

Light Bytes – Coming Soon – To Edinburgh, Dundee & Glasgow

LIGHT BYTES Creative Edinburgh Creative Scotland Creative Dundee
Illustration for LIGHT BYTES an event for Creative Edinburgh and Creative Scotland by Want Some Studio

Creative Edinburgh, Creative Dundee and We Throw Switches are joining forces to run three informal mixer events called Light Bytes. These will include networking, micro talks, panel discussion and the opportunity to play with technology. The project was initiated by Creative Scotland to stimulate curiosity about creative technology and contribute to building capacity in Scotland’s cultural organisations responding to the digital connecting theme set out in Creative Scotland’s 10 year plan.

Through the series of engaging practical sessions, events will bring arts organisations and creative technologists together to explore how technology can be used for content creation and build fluidity between the physical and the virtual; Light Bytes will support the growth and amplification of digital leadership and innovation within the cultural sector.

Light Bytes will enable Scotland’s makers, coders, creative technologists and digital producers to connect with the cultural sector in an innovative and responsive way, with the potential for future peer leadership opportunities and funded pilot projects in Creative Scotland’s proposed second phase of the project.

Light Bytes sessions will be held on the following dates, please see our other events for further details.

  • Edinburgh (CodeBase), Wednesday 1 June, 6.30pm – 9.30pm. To sign up, visit here.
  • Dundee (The Vision Building), Thursday 2 June, 6.30pm – 9.30pm. This event will also be live streamed. To sign up, visit here.
  • Glasgow (SWG3), Friday 3 June, 2pm – 5pm. To sign up, visit here.
  • Virtual – If you are unable to make these events in person, please do join us at the Dundee session on 2 June for the live stream here. Videos from the sessions will be available to watch online after the events.

Panel host & panelists

The host: Yann Seznec
Yann is a musician, sound designer, and artist whose work focuses on sound, music, physical interaction, games, and instruments. Recent projects include residencies at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Floating Cinema, and Timespan. He has performed at The Roundhouse London, Mutek Montreal, Melbourne Recital Hall, Liquid Rooms Tokyo, Köln Philharmonie, and more. In December 2015 he received a British Composer Award for Sonic Art for his 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival work “Currents”. He is founder of Lucky Frame, a company specialising in fun and intuitive digital creations. @amazingrolo

Panelist: Kate Wimpress, Director North Edinburgh Arts
Trained in fine art Kate has worked for arts organisations across Northern Ireland and Scotland since 1990. Currently Director at North Edinburgh Arts Kate previously led Edinburgh’s Capital City Partnership Arts For Inclusion programme. North Edinburgh Arts provides opportunities for individual and community development through contact with the professional arts. The organisation is active in the local regeneration process advocating the role of the artist, and creativity as positive forces within the dynamic of a community in flux. @northedinarts

Panelist: Jack King Spooner, Artist and Games Developer
Jack is an artist and game developer. He has worked alongside and collaborated with some of the most interesting voices in current independent game making and his work has been exhibited across the globe – from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and the Toronto Reference Library to Somerset House in London. His digital work often incorporates tactile elements carried over from his arts and crafts background such as clay and watercolour.@king_spooner

Panelist: Luci Holland, Composer and Arts Producer
Luci Holland is a composer, oboist, vocalist, conductor, and arts producer, actively writing for films, games and concert performances. As general manager and musical director for the Tinderbox Orchestra, and co-founder of the Edinburgh Game Symposium, she is passionate about arts accessibility and interactivity, and cross artform collaboration heavily informs her sonic and performance work and research. She conducts and performs regularly with her media music band Mantra, and is currently working on the music for two indie game productions.

Demos at Light Bytes include;

Dennis and Debbie Club are a German-born and Scotland-based artist duo, working in digital moving image art and site-specific installations. For their short films Dennis and Debbie use CGI-3D modelling software to create architectural set-pieces within which they unfold unusual and darkly humorous narratives – this stretches from drawing lessons in the first level of the game DOOM to the looping de- and reconstruction of the glamourous and tragic Sunset Boulevard.  Together they are part of LUX Scotland’s International Touring Program CABAC, have been shortlisted for the sluice_prize, are funded by New Media Scotland’s ALT-W grant, as well as by Creative Scotland.

Werewolf, are a specialist design studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In a nutshell, we create all sorts of 3D and motion content for clients including ad agencies, TV networks, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let us tell you a bit more about why we’re not like the others. Mix an obsession for cutting- edge tech, relentless self-initiated learning and synergy between three completely different, yet complementary, creative individuals and you get us. Us = David Hartman, photorealistic 3D and motion aficionado + Brendan McCarthy, interactivity designer and storyteller + Nuria Boj, motion design enthusiast. We’ve worked on multiple corporate and arts-oriented projects, such as augmented reality artwork and projection mapping interactive wall at Paradigm exhibition at Summerhall in March. We also produce loads of 3D and animated content. You can get a sneak-peek at what we’ve done over the past couple of years here

Bright Side Studios use their expertise in Film, 3D & storytelling & harness new technologies to craft creative, interactive environments that help brands build relationships with their consumers. The immersive environments and interactive experience we create drive brand awareness through unforgettable, sharable experiences that people want to talk about. Curiosity is key, Bright Side Studios explore new and exciting ways to connect with people via a shared experience. Our collaborative approach and network of specialist partners promote innovation and creativity.

Alan Brown is an Edinburgh-based visual artist working with audio, moving image and technology. ‘I create installations and device art which explore themes around communication, control and power. My work is often informed by current news and media. Much of my practice involves modifying existing objects and technology, such as telephones, bank cards and CCTV, to function in altered or unexpected ways. Interactive elements invite the viewer to playfully engage with the work. By using everyday objects I hope to raise critical questions about how we use technology, exchange information and relate with one another.’

Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng, graduated in illustration & design, working between visual arts, community youth art and creating live drawings. More recently her work has evolved to present experimental live finger drawing using projection o create an ever changing temporary space. She is interested in the interactions and involvment of participants contributing to the created environment. Colourful and playful looped animations are created and built on live during the course of the session.

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Event Format:

6:30 – 6.45pm  Registration
6.45 – 7.15pm  Welcome and micro talks from Bright Side Studios, Werewolf and Dennis & Debbie Club
7:15 – 8:00pm  Showcase, demos, networking & mingling
8.00 – 8.50pm  Panel discussion
8:50 – 9:10pm  Introducing the Curiosity Awards*
9.10 – 9:30pm  Showcase, demos, networking & mingling

*Details of the Curiosity Awards to be announced.

Light Bytes is a series of events run by Creative Edinburgh, Creative Dundee and We Throw Switches in partnership with Creative Scotland.

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