Scottish Games Industry Survey – PLEASE READ

Scottish Games Industry Survey – PLEASE READ

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 19.15.11Games companies of Scotland – we need your help. ALL of you… One major issue the games industry in Scotland has is a lack of reliable information on just how big it is.

Over the last few years, several organisations have tried different methods to measure the sector, which have come up with very conflicting results (beginning with a valuation of the industry at zero).

At this point we still don’t know just how many developers, freelancers or students are out there, how many tools, technology, data, audio, animation or associated companies exist, or what they’re doing.

We’re fixing that now.

The Scottish Games Network is working with Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise to try something new.

We’re going to ask nicely. Followed, if needs be, by incessant nagging.

We’ve created a nice, simple, quick survey which is open to everyone working in and associated with the games sector. Employers, freelancers, contractors, part-time developers, indies, journalists – we need every single one of you.

You can find the survey HERE.

Scottish_game_jam_01We need to measure the size of the industry, the diversity of the people in it, as well as what exactly all the games-related people and companies are actually doing.

With your help, this could be the most extensive, reliable and in-depth survey of the games industry undertaken anywhere in the UK.

This would be both incredible and awesome – as well as incredibly useful.

You can find the survey HERE.

Can you PLEASE take 5-10 minutes to complete the attached survey and help us to accurately measure the games industry here in Scotland? As a side benefit, this will also enable us to update the now legendary Scottish Games Network COMPANY DIRECTORY, which enables the rest of the world to find and contact every company, freelancer and organisation in the country.

We are keeping the survey open for THREE WEEKS. We’d all really appreciate your help with this.

Of course if asking nicely doesn’t work, we’ll have to move to plan B…

Liam Neeson TAKEN

In case you missed it… You can find the survey HERE.

Thank you all.



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