Edinburgh Games Symposium – ProtoPlay Edition

Edinburgh Games Symposium – ProtoPlay Edition

082 - EGSPoster-SGN_FB-WebHeads up, folks. The 2015 http://www.edingame.com/ takes place on Wednesday and Thursday next week. The symposium’s rather awesome (and unique) mix of panels, speakers, music, performance, concerts, discussion and debate are back, but this year there’s a twist…

It’s in Dundee.

Yes, Scotland’s throbbing games hub is playing host to the country’s most exciting and eclectic games event. So now there’s no excuse not to get those busy little arses off your office chairs and head along.

The move to Dundee, while a nightmare in corporate branding terms, makes a huge amount of sense. It allows the Symposium to take advantage of the huge audience coming along to Dare ProtoPlay (which also happens next week, fact fans, will YOU be there?)

The format for this year’s event offers a clear split between activities. Game development and audio panels and presentations will be held on Wednesday 12th of August. Workshops and music performances take place on Thursday 13th in the Marryat Hall, within Caird Hall.

This year, speakers and performers will include: Daniel Lisi, Joanna Orland, Tony Gowland, Chipzel, Timea Tabori, Dehumaniser, Team Junkfish, and many more. Rumour has it Baglow will be chairing something, so there’s a mark of quality right there…

You can find the full schedule below.

Wed 12th August 2015

Conference (panels & presentations): 10am – 6pm
Thurs 13th August 2015
Workshops: 1030am – 445pm
Music Content: 730pm – 1030pm
There are a range of ticket options at attractive pricing available:
Adventurer Pass | Aug 12, 10am -6pm & Aug 13, 7.30p-10p – £15/8
This pass grants you access to all of the panels/talks, as well as the two concerts.
Mage Pass | Aug 12, 10am – 6pm – £10/5
This pass grants you access to all of the panels and talks on Wed 12th.
Sound Summoner | Aug 13, 7.30pm – 10pm – £8/5
This pass grants you access to the full music content access on Thurs 13th (orchestra concert with Mantra Collective and dance party with Chipzel; 7.30pm-10pm).
Bard Pass | Aug 13, 7.30pm – 8.30pm £4/2.50
This pass grants you access to the orchestra concert only with Mantra Collective on Thurs 13th (7.30pm-8.30pm).
Technomancer Pass | Aug 13, 9p-10p – £4/2.50
This pass grants you access to the dance party only with Chipzel on Thurs 13th (9pm-10pm).

Access to the Workshops for Young Game Designers content on Thurs 13th August will have limited places available and participants will need to reserve passes.

You can find, buy and reserve all of your tickets HERE.

The Edinburgh games symposium is officially endorsed by the Scottish Games Network as ‘awesome’.

Find out more on the official Symposium website.

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