Engage Invest Exploit 2015

Engage Invest Exploit 2015

EIE-15-investor-link-about-pageEvery year Edinburgh University’s Informatics Ventures runs an event called Engage Invest Exploit. It’s aimed at start-up companies which are looking for finance, business partnerships, board members, smart money and possibly even a little exposure in Scotland’s business and tech press.

It’s a great event. It pulls in a very wide range – and large number of investors, entrepreneurs and business experts. If you’re a small games company – a developer, technology company, business service provider or ‘other’, then it’s worth your while.

The 2015 event has now called for exhibitors to take part in the event. They’re looking for young companies, covering the whole tech, energy and bio-tech sectors. Games is very much a part of this.

The event takes place on May 14th at Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms.

It’s FREE to exhibit.

You’ll not only get free space at EIE 2015, but also:

  • Opportunity to meet over 150 investors in one day
  • Pitch training & presentation skills
  • 1 min speed pitch video
  • Pitch to over 500 delegates on the day

Over £40 million in seed funding has been raised by companies which have exhibited at EIE, so it definitely works.

In addition you’ll receive:

  • Life’s a Pitch 1-day workshop January 2015
  • Presentation Skills training  1-day workshop in February 2015
  • Filming of ‘Elevator’ pitch videos (February/March 2015)

Competition for places promises to be FIERCE, as this is a key event for companies in Scotland seeking finance.

You WILL need a business plan. You WILL need your key differentiators and Unique Selling Points. You WILL need to know the difference between funding your company and funding your project.

It IS worthwhile.

You can register here.


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