OUT NOW – Russian Front

OUT NOW – Russian Front

image1Russian Front is a brand new WWII-themed strategy game for PC, Mac and Kindle Fire HD. Russian Front has been jointly developed by Electric Rune and HexWar and is released by Hunted Cow. The company is promising an iPad version of the game will be released in October 2014.

Russian Front is Hunted Cow’s most ambitious strategy game to date. It is an operational-level game, with a wider scope than any of the company’s previous titles. The battle for the Russian Front was a pivotal moment in World War 2, and this new release gives tries to deliver the epic scale of the conflict.

screenshot3The colossal 108 turn campaign, is playable as both the German and Russian forces. The game starts in the early days of Operation Barbarossa and follows the German invasion of Russia through to its ultimate failure.

Four shorter Operations are also available, spanning 16 turns each, take place from June to December of each year and offer a more condensed experience.

The bitter weather on the Eastern Front was a huge factor in the overall campaign and the game reflects this with a seasonal cycle that has a profound effect on tactics as players struggle to hold out through the vicious winters until reinforcements arrive

screenshot2Players must also deal with fog of war effects, and try to cut off their opponent’s supply lines, while ensuring their own stay secure.

Andrew Mulholland, Director of Hunted Cow, told us:

The release of Russian Front it marks the first of what we hope will be many PC strategy releases. We’re always keen to work with talented developers such as Electric Rune to develop high quality strategy games that complement the Hunted Cow portfolio.

Allan Floyd, CEO of Electric Rune agrees:

Working with Hunted Cow has been a great opportunity to use our HexTech framework in its first game application. Russian Front captures the large scale of the eastern campaign in 3D and puts it at your fingertips.

screenshot5Key Game Features

  • Play the colossal 108 turn campaign, or pick from 4 other points in history to start from.
  • Large 3D map representing the entire Eastern Front; stretching from Berlin to Stalingrad.
  • Play as both the Soviet and German army, each with unique tanks, vehicles and uniforms.
  • 4 Historical Operations: Barbarossa, Case Blue, Citadel and Bagration.
  • Real historical Corps and Armies from several countries.
  • Strategically reinforce units in vital locations.
  • Selectable difficulty to tailor your experience to your play style.
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Russian Front is OUT NOW for PC, Mac & Kindle Fire HD.

Russian Front (PC) – $9.99

Russian Front (Mac) – $9.99

Russian Front (Kindle Fire HD) – $6.99

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