OUT NOW: Winx Club Mystery Of The Abyss

OUT NOW: Winx Club Mystery Of The Abyss

winx clubGlasgow’s Tsumanga Studios is continuing to release new games based upon the incredibly popular Winx Club license. The studio’s games (Winx Sirenix Power & Winx Fairy School) have already been downloaded over 5.5 million time and the studio is confident their latest title will help them reach 10 million in the near future.

Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss is an original new Winx racing game, set in the depths of the ocean, based upon the animated movie, Winx – Mystery Of The Abyss.

Players must race through more than 60 levels, battle against merciless mutants, evil jelly-fish and, ferocious piranha – with more levels added on a weekly basis. The game features a range of spells to defeat the baddies, pick up power-ups to speed up, slow or freeze time, shield against attack, or heal themselves!

Two Winx fairies will be available initially.  The game is free-to-play. For the first time in a Winx game, players will be able to pick up gems as they play and buy additional Winx fairies with gems.

WinxClub: Mystery Of The Abyss is OUT NOW for Android devices through Google Play and the Amazon app store.

Winx Club: Mystery Of The Abyss (Android) – Free To Play


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