Cross Creative – Open For Applications – DO THIS

Cross Creative – Open For Applications – DO THIS

twitIf you’re not familiar with TRC Media’s Cross Creative Programme, now’s the time to learn. It’s a fabulous opportunity for individuals in the creative industries (this includes video games) to improve their skills, increase their knowledge and make themselves far more valuable, wise and useful.

This year’s programme will include seven in-house sessions (one day per month) in Glasgow, plus an international field trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in March 2015. Participants will have an unparalleled opportunity to gain privileged access to industry experts and to some of the best digital companies in the world.
For guidance, last year’s Cross Creative included training in pitching and networking, hands-on practice with creative processes, understanding developments in big data and social marketing, and exposure to new developments in online community management and second screen marketing.

TRC also brought in an expert from Silicon Valley to prepare the delegates for their field trip by understanding cultural differences and commercial opportunities.

In California, the programme secured meetings with some of the most successful digital companies in the world, including YouTube, Pixar, Eventbrite, Storify, Chartboost and Samsung, alongside many of the most exciting and innovative games developers, creative agencies, platform providers and digital marketing companies.

So, what do you actually learn…?

Key outcomes:

  • Adapting business models
  • Wholesale strategic redirection
  • Introducing innovative, efficient business processes
  • Exploiting new revenue streams
  • Focus on story-telling, effective messaging and promotion
  • New approaches to business development
  • Increased enthusiasm for collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures
  • A more strategic approach to business growth
  • Increased focus on the importance of excellence and passion
  • A shift away from client work towards developing original IP
  • Understanding of different digital ecosystems and international markets
  • Appreciation of non-traditional corporate structures and HR policies
  • Valuable new domestic and international connections

The goal is to help Cross Creative delegates emerge from the programme better informed, re-energised, more ambitious, more confident, more reflective, and more determined than ever to succeed.

Let’s face it, the games industry could use some perspective and understanding of the eco-system it exists in.

The list of previous Cross Creative participants is a who’s-who of the great, good, successful and clever people in the games industry. The chances are you know at least one person who’s done this programme. The chances are they’d recommend it too.

You – yes YOU should apply. Go on, do it now. We’ll wait…


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