Science: Meet Games

Science: Meet Games

EdSciFestThe Edinburgh Science Festival is looking for ideas for 2015. The festival is looking for ideas from individuals, groups or organisations.

In 2014, the festival included an evening of speakers including Mitu Khandakar-Kokoris from The Tiniest Shark, Yann Seznec from Lucky Frame, Gary Penn from Denki and Brian Baglow from the Scottish Games Network.

Now you have a chance to make next year’s event even more game focused by submitting your own concepts for the programme.

What exactly is the festival looking for? According to the website:

In 2015 we will celebrate the role of the Science Festival as a hub for ideas, information, innovation and inspiration. For two weeks in April the halls, galleries, theatres and gardens of Edinburgh will transform into the Ideas Factory. Within this theme, we will have a specific focus on the areas of ‘Light and Enlightenment’, ‘Brain, Mind and Consciousness’, ‘Energy and Environment’, ‘Numbers and Data’ and ‘Food and Drink’.

What are we looking for?

We specialise in bringing together those working in diverse fields from across the sciences, arts and cultural sectors. From fabulous shows that enthral people of all ages, to inspiring presentations, fascinating conversations, thought-provoking discussions, interactive events/performances, exhibitions and workshops that bring science to life for a wide range of audiences, we are open to all suggestions.

First read the Call For Ideas Guide and check out our handy Tips for developing events. Then complete the onlineExternal Event Proposal form (referring to the Guide for submitting your proposal) by 5pm Monday 1 September 2014 for your chance to be part of our Festival family.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas further, please contact Eilidh Dunnet in the first instance and we’ll be happy to talk it through.

You have time. You have great ideas. You are all after creative geniuses. You are also playful and quirky and know that interactive media is a transformative technology as well as a medium in its own right.

You can contact the festival directly, or join the discussion on the Scottish Games Network Facebook group and we can come up with something even more impressive collaboratively…

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