Solar Flux For Fewer Bucks

Solar Flux For Fewer Bucks

068-firebrand-solar-flux.jpgIt’s your soaraway summer Steam sale! You’re spending money on games you’ll never play and loving every second of it. So why not support one of your local studios and pick up Firebrand’s Solar Flux for fewer bucks than normal…

It’s gorgeous. You collect plasma and fire it into the heart of a dying sun to stop it going supernova. It’s got fabulous inertia controls and an amazing soundtrack. Uniquely, you can save the universe without blowing up betentacled alien scum. You’d like it.

SolarFluxPocket_Screen1For the next eight hours you can get your eager hands on the inertia-based, physics-driven, deep-space save-em-up for only £2.09. The peoples of Beta Romulus, Betelgeuse IV, Zeta Reticuli and Clandathu will thank you, probe you lightly, stick their ovipositors down your throat and lay their eggs in your chest, chew your arm off, or spare you the lower levels of their Tritium mines in gratitude.

SolarFluxPocket_Screen2Solar Flux (Windows/Mac OSX/Linux) – £2.09


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