Out Now – See Inside Guerilla Tea’s MIND

Out Now – See Inside Guerilla Tea’s MIND

unnamedMaintaining their breakneck pace for the year, Dundee’s Guerilla Tea has released another new and original title for multiple devices.

Mind is a brain training game, created to give your synapses, neurons and ganglia the equivalent of a 60 x minute workout, followed by a refreshing shower and a whole food smoothie.

Mind Screenshot 1 - smallThe game features three brain-embiggening exercises…

  • CALCULATE – Squares flash on a grid in succession. All you need to do is keep track of the total. How fast can you count?
  • SEQUENCE – A tough memory test – a patterned sequence of squares will flash on a grid. Players must input the sequence correctly.
  • EIDETIC – A pattern of squares will briefly flash on a grid. Players must count the number of squares that flash. Recognising patterns helps with this one.

Players are given three lives for each cognitive exercise and the challenges get harder and harder as you progress.

Mind Screenshot 6 - smallMind is one of those apps which transcends the ‘games’ tag and creates an experience for experienced gamers and non-gamers alike.

Guerilla Tea has released the game for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (smartphones and tablets), Windows Phone 8 and Windows.

MIND is free. Which is deeply philosophical when you think about it and very few games of the last few years have had Aristotelian or Cartesian overtones first thing on a Monday morning.

Mind Screenshot 3 - smallFree for YOUR Mind…

  • Mind (iOS) – Free
  • Mind (Android) – Free
  • Mind (Windows Phone 8) – Free
  • Mind (Windows) – Free

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