OUT NOW – Cobi Treasure Deluxe & Numba (Steam)

OUT NOW – Cobi Treasure Deluxe & Numba (Steam)

cobraCobra, the Dundee-based games studio behind the best-selling iBomber series, is a developer who is taking advantage of the growing number of devices and routes to market these days.

The company has released much of its catalogue of content for multiple devices. Not just mobile, but interactive TV boxes and more recently, Steam.

Why wouldn’t you choose Steam? 75,000,000 users, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux support, Steam boxes on their way (eventually). Sales which are so popular and offer users such incredible value that they make users gibber and weep.

Now Cobra has announced two more titles have been released for Windows on the digital distribution platform…

Cobi Treasure Deluxe is a classic match 3 title, with a deep sea twist and a friendly seahorse. Match the treasures as it plunges to the bottom of Davey Jones’ locker and establish your own off-shore fund of several million squid.

Numba is a fast-paced number game which challenges players to find strings of numbers. Players use the mouse to select strings of similar numbers (11111), sequences (12345) and sums (2226).

There’s 10% off both titles for the first week of release, so you can currently pick them up for a fantastically frugal £1.79 apiece.

Get ’em while they’re tropical/neurologically beneficial.

Cobi Treasure (Windows) – £1.99

Numba (Windows) – £1.99


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