OUT NOW – Crystal Reign

OUT NOW – Crystal Reign

Crystal Reign is the latest release from Elgin interactive powerhouse Hunted Cow. Created by Dundee’s Criss Cross Games, Crystal Reign is a literal tower defence title in which players must build and defend their tower from swarms of armed enemies.

Players must build their tower using different offensive and defensive layers to help survive and destroy swarms of attacking robots. Weapons and defences must be balanced to maintain the tower’s stability and at the same time, lay waste to the fiendish magically-powered robots, killer bosses and earn enough points to unlock bigger, more powerful components for even deadlier and well-defended towers.

image1The game is narrated by Kevin McNally (Mr Gibbs from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies) which is rather awesome. The game itself features quite an in-depth back story. Because it’s always good to know WHY you’re exterminating flying killer robots…

After discovering a near limitless supply of power in the form of magical crystals, the world found itself in something of an arms race. In this quest for bigger and more zappy means of elimination scientists began to experiment with the crystals and from this, the Arcanalith were built. Drawing on the power of the crystals, these mechanical soldiers fought with such power that the people of the world were forced to leave their homes and take refuge in the mountains, far from the chaos below.

Centuries on, the Arcanalith have long since wiped each other out and the people go about their daily lives in their mountainous homes. However, unbeknownst to these peaceful villagers, far below the fog of war that separates the peaks from the old battlegrounds something has begun to stir.

As the Arcanalith rise from the earth, it is up to the player to knock them back down. To achieve this goal we’ll be supplying various forms of siege weaponry and magical defences that we advise aiming at the mystical robots that will be attacking. Over time, players will earn new layers and be able to build taller towers as they move onwards to take on the biggest and most dangerous of the Arcanalith.

image10In a thoughtful touch, Criss Cross has even made it possible to flip the screen, so players can be attacked in either direction… The game’s simple touch controls and Angry Birds-esque physics and controls have grabbed some attention in the press. If you’ve a fan of action strategy games, or towers. Or if you harbour a grudge towards killer robots, then this may be the game for you.

image13Crystal Reign proves that there’s more to medieval towers than simply imprisoning hirsute princesses.

You can find out more on the Hunted Cow website. You can also follow Criss Cross Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Crystal Reign (iOS) – $1.99/€1.59/£1.49.

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