CeX Sauchiehall Street Accepts Bitcoin

CeX Sauchiehall Street Accepts Bitcoin

cex bitcoin03Computer Exchange, the second hand electronics and game (and music, movies and assorted geekery) store in Glasgow’s vibrant Sauchiehall Street, is to accept Bitcoins for a limited period, instead of the pound.

According to CeX:

Championing the pioneering digital currency, CeX’s exclusion of the pound will turn the Glasgow high street into a Bitcoin laboratory, showcasing a possible alternative form of currency, should Scotland choose independence in the forthcoming referendum.

CeX Bitcoin 02David Butler, CeX’s commercial director said:

In our store, the staff and customers live and breath technology so it’s only appropriate we looked at Bitcoin as a way for our customers to buy and sell video games and electronic goods. Not only does Bitcoin have a number of security and access benefits, but it is also gaining popularity amongst consumers the world over.

The store is also installing a Bitcoin ATM to allow customers to ‘easily fill their wallets’ (current Bitcoin value: £263.10).

CeX Bitcoin ATMThe worlds press has descended on the store to see the world’s most notorious crytpocurrency in action. Many notable commentators and journalists have weighed in with considered and expert opinions on the meaning of this for retailers globally. And of course it’s being used by both sides in the independence debate to point out how reasonable/absurd the whole referendum is…

In short, in return for reduced revenues over a few days, CeX has managed to put itself at the forefront of the mainstream tech press, business media, games press and the political debate in Scotland. All thanks to a Bitcoin ATM and some ballsy PR.

CeX BitcoinWell played, CeX. Very well played…

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