Introducing THANKS GAMING – Play Games, Raise Money

Introducing THANKS GAMING – Play Games, Raise Money

ThanksGamingHave you heard about Thanks Gaming yet? It’s a new charity group which aims to raise money for good causes through gaming. Organiser Tom Welsh asked if we’d let everyone know about the organisation…

ThanksGaming is a new Glasgow based fundraising team, and we play gaming marathons to raise money for good causes.

This is our first year, and we will be playing games for 24 hours non-stop (not as easy as it sounds!) to raise money for Yorkhill. I want to help recognise the great things they do and support their hard working team.

Did I say we? I meant to say you. Yes you, right there, with the charming good looks, winning smile and unmatched gamer skills.

So how can you help? Well, you can take part!

How to get Started:

Go here
Choose “Fund Raise for us”
Choose “personal challenge”
Design your page.
Tell everyone about it, ask them to sponsor you
That’s it!
Once you have made your page, make sure to join this team ( ) so we combine all our totals:

If you aren’t able to take part, why not support us? We have stretch goals and everything!

ThanksGamingLongJust click the link above and chose who you want to sponsor. Give Ben a speech impediment in Crusader Kings, and watch him stay in character the whole time! Get Mhairi to write a song for you! Watch Kevin play Mario dressed as Princess Peach! Make me play Sonic 06!

This year, the event is Thanks Gaming 2014: Least Ultimate Edition, where the theme (for those brave enough to attempt it) is the worst games of all time. Can we survive 24 hours, with no sleep, no rest and nothing but awful, awful games?

This is a chance to support a good cause, to promote gamers as awesome people (and not the demons the Daily Mail think we are) and we have a great excuse to play games for 24 hours solid. We hope you’ll join us.

And we’re doing all this to help these amazing people:

Yorkhill Children’s Charity provides and supports excellence in paediatric, obstetric and neonatal healthcare enhancing the treatment, care and wellbeing of children and their families through The Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill and other hospital and community based services.

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  1. Have you got a date in mind for when it’ll happen? Or do you want people to do it when it suits them?

    Me and a friend have been considering doing 12 hour back to back sessions for a week for charity. We would love to combine efforts.

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