Microsoft Recruiting Gaming Ambassadors

Microsoft Recruiting Gaming Ambassadors

microsoft-logo-newGames students – Microsoft needs you.  The company is recruiting 20 windows games ambassadors at universities across the UK.

The role involves setting up partnerships between local developers and student bodies, organising events and supporting gaming competitions.

Microsoft is promising that the job won’t take more than 12 hours per month and that special consideration will be taken around exam time.

In return, Microsoft is promising a Windows 8 device, Windows 8 phone, ‘regular incentives’ AND you’ll be helped to create and release FOUR Windows store games for your CV.

It sounds like a good deal to us. Here’s the company’s pitch…

Students Developers who are undertaking gaming course, proactive and personable are perfect for the role. Being trustworthy is also a quality we look for in all Ambassadors as you’ll be relied upon to perform your duties in your own time. It’s essential that you’re interested in games development and have demonstrable skills in at least one of these technologies XNA, C++, C#, DirectX Unity and HTML5 don’t worry if you’re not the savviest of tech minds or a C++ ninja as we will provide you access to training resources.  Finally you must be an student studying a gaming related course at university in the UK.

What does it involve?

There will be opportunities to unleash your inner developer and people skills setting up your own partnerships between Microsoft Developers and local student bodies as well as running local development events and supporting gaming competitions and incentives.

Don’t worry if this sounds above you; the role will not require more than 12 hours of your time per month (we’re also considerate to the demands of your exams periods) and you’ll be given bespoke training and guidance throughout the year, you will also develop your own portfolio of at least 4 Windows Store games which will become a key part of your CV and portfolio.

What’s in it for you?

We’ll give the latest tech in the shape of a brand new Windows 8 device and a Windows Phone 8 and regular incentives.  However more importantly you’ll gain valuable experience working with the biggest technology brands in the world on their latest opportunity in gaming!

You can find out more and apply directly on the official Windows Games Ambassador website.

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