OUT NOW Gridlock On Gamestick

OUT NOW Gridlock On Gamestick

ludometrics-logoLudometrics has been busy.  The company is hard at work on its new PS Vita game, Bodycheck.  The second part of the teams’ developer diary is now live and online over on The Vita Lounge website.

Ludometrics has also just announced that it’s retro arena shooter Gridlock is now available for the new GameStick micro console.

If you’re not familiar with the GameStick, it’s a teeny weeny console, which plugs directly into your tellybox and allows you to play games.  You can read all about it on the official GameStick page.

Gridlock_Screen_0003Gridlock is a fast-paced shooter in which the player takes control of four mighty ion cannons (or possibly ‘lasers’), one upon each wall of a darkened rectangular arena.  Upon commencing to ‘play’, mysterious abstract shapes, of occult geometries and suspicious polygonal significance appear and will attempt to get to each gun, their touch destroying it utterly.

Gridlock_Screen_0002The player’s task is to pound, pulverise, vapourise and rip asunder the shapes until their last ion cannon (or possibly ‘laser’) is ravaged and destroyed.

It’s a fast, frantic and firey fun, hearkening back unto the days of the arcade, only much less detrimental to one’s pocket money.

gridlock-logoGridlock is also available for the other new micro console, the Ouya.

If you are a proud, forward-looking and pioneering owner of either on these devices, then you can download and play Gridlock, even now.

We suggest you do so.

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