The All New XBLGamerhub

The All New XBLGamerhub

XBLGamerhub logoThe all new, totally redesigned and redeveloped is now LIVE and online.

The site – a community for Xbox 360 gamers is one of the largest out there.  Since it was launched in 2009, it’s grown to include over 16,000 community members, 7000 Twitter followers and 5000 Facebook likes.

The site was created by founder, Gavin Divers, to enable players to find others and set up games with friends and known contacts, rather than being matched with random individuals based solely on ability.  Players can be matched by language or location – even down to your local postcode.

XBLGamerhub offers gamers the ability to customise and control their online experiences.  Given some of the problems which seem inherent in online gaming – abuse, bullying, trolling, griefing, etc. this provides an invaluable tool for players who have stayed away from multiplayer games thanks to bad experiences.

The community also offers news, reviews and community blogs to provide Xbox gamers with a one stop shop for all the latest updates and information on new releases for the platform.

XBLGamerhub is part of the global Xbox Community Network and counts support from many people within Microsoft and the global games sector.

The redesign was undertaken to create a slicker, sleeker, prettier and more impressive experience for users worldwide.  Drawing on elements of the Xbox dashboard, the XBLGamerhub team has rebuilt the community for the Xbox One generation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 13.00.53Based on their experience over the last five years, the team are now actively looking at other platforms and devices, extending their reach to cover every gamer in the world.

Congratulations to the XBLGamerhub team on the relaunch.  If you have an Xbox at home, but stay away from online gaming, this could be the way to enhance your gaming world.

Find XBLGamerhub online, Find the on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter.

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