VG247 Scotland – Issue 1 – The Best Place To Sell Games

VG247 Scotland – Issue 1 – The Best Place To Sell Games

VG247-Scotland-SizedVG247’s news editor Dave Cook has just published issue number 1 of his new, regular, Scotland-focused editorial, VG247 Scotland, looking at the state of the games industry as it relates to Scotland and including creators, CEOs and experts from Scotland’s video games sector.

This new issue explores the various distribution channels available to games creators, from mobile app stores, to the latest games consoles and opportunities for developers to get their games out to world.  How can developers make their games stand out?  How can they take advantage of this new era of mass distribution, while making sure their games can be found in the thousands – or millions – of other games and apps?

Dave talk to David Thomson of Ludometrics, Yann Seznec of Lucky Frame and Stuart Gilray of Just Add Water to find out more…

In addition there’s a round-up of Scottish gaming news and an in-depth interview with Pete Shea, the former head of Firebrand’s Glasgow studio.

You can find, read – and watch – the whole thing over on VG 247.

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