Company Profile – Pixel Sword

Company Profile – Pixel Sword

BigLogoThere’s a new studio in Scotland: Pixel Sword.  Based in beautiful Bo’ness, Pixel Sword is an independent developer, founded by Paul Leishman.  Paul’s been around the industry, having worked with Proper Games, Dynamo Games and most recently Ninja Kiwi.

Pixel Sword is already working on a couple of games, the intriguingly titled Pixel Raiders and the more mysteriously named Squaring.

Paul LeishmanWe’re unashamedly using Pixel Sword as the prototype for a new weekly feature we’re planning for SGN, the Company Profile.  They’ll be coming out to all of the companies in Scotland in the next few days and will help to illustrate the diversity and strength of the Scottish industry.

Congratulations to Mr Leishman on the creation of his new studio.  We can’t wait to hear more about the games…

SmallBannerName of company: Pixel Sword

Date founded: September 2013

Location: Bo’ness

Founder(s): Paul Leishman





Background of founder(s): I’m the solo mastermind and games developer behind Pixel Sword. I studied the Professional Masters in games development at University of Abertay and I’ve previously worked at Proper Games, Dynamo and Ninja Kiwi. I started Pixel Sword to explore my own ideas and game designs.

Number of employees: 1

Describe your company: A small independent studio that looks at developing arcade titles that are fresh and accessible. The focus is on experimentation with the familiar and finding new ways of streamlining the gameplay and development process. Specific areas that the studio is interested in is localisation and social competition.

Platforms supported/Services offered: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8

9Current project: Pixel Raiders and Squaring

Greatest Achievement(s): Funded by the Prince’s Trust

Looking for?: On the lookout for a Sound Designer.

Favourite games: Titan Attack, Battlefield 3, Binding of Isaac and Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe.



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