OUT NOW – WolfBlood2: Leader Of The Pack, Multiplayer Game From Chunk & CBBC

OUT NOW – WolfBlood2: Leader Of The Pack, Multiplayer Game From Chunk & CBBC

001-startNormalWolfBlood 2: Leader Of The Pack is the latest release from Chunk, the branded game specialists in Glasgow.  The game was created in conjunction with the BBC and is based upon and tied into the popular Children’s BBC programme of the same name.

WolfBlood 2 is an action platform game which ties closely into the themes and storylines from the television show, released to tie in with episodes as they are broadcast.

Chunk worked with the writers of the series, to ensure the game integrated closely with episodes and that gameplay provided extra storyline detail.

In the game, the player’s wolf takes part in an element of an episode that is referenced in the show, but that isn’t seen on screen, making players feel part of the story.

006-challengeResultsWolfblood 2 is the first BBC game that can record each player’s races, allowing friends to compete against each other without having to connect online at the same time.

Players assume the role of a wolfblood, leaping, running, scrambling and pouncing through perilous woods slopes and cliffs.

The game is controlled with a single button. Players complete missions and challenges to unlock further levels and new missions.

In single player mode, the aim is to complete the missions and take your place at the top of the leader board as leader of the pack. But the game also has multiplayer modes in which players take on ‘shadow wolves’ – recordings of performances by other players.

Friends can compete against each other by sending and receiving their best shadow wolf runs. Players can also compete against the shadow wolves of higher-ranking members of the player community in random wild wolfblood challenges.

007-levelSelectDonnie Kerrigan, founder and managing director of Chunk, said:

Our ambition is for Wolfblood 2: Leader of the Pack to genuinely compete for children’s attention against the best games around.  In Wolfblood 2, we’ve got a great children’s IP, the integration of show stories and game challenges, the chance to race against friends, and what we believe is a really exciting and re-playable game – all exciting, unique ingredients that we hope will help it be a children’s favourite.

The game is now LIVE on the BBC website.

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