Ancient Battle: Rome – Coming Soon From Hunted Cow

Ancient Battle: Rome – Coming Soon From Hunted Cow

image3From a mysterious and relatively unknown company somewhere in the wilds of Northern Scotland, Hunted Cow has emerged as one of the most active and rapidly growing games companies in the UK.   Last week the company announced it had signed a deal with Criss Cross Games to bring the studios’ first game to market.  This week they’re announcing the next title in their catalogue of mobile games.

Ancient Battles: Rome is a new hex-based, turn-based war game, created by the strategy experts at HexWar.  It’s the first title in a whole new series of strategy games to be set in the ancient world to be published by Hunted Cow.

screenshot5The game allows players to take part in many of the battles between imperial Rome and its many opponents.  Each campaign is set in a different region in which the legions of Rome are fighting for domination.

The game was designed by a team including one of the winners of the Ancients competition at the World Wargaming Championships.  Ancient Battles: Rome has been designed from the ground up to provide a unique wargaming experience for iPhone and iPad players.  Roman legionaries, elephants, catapults, heavy and light cavalry, archers, slingers, fanatics, chariots and many more unit types are available to engage in battle.

screenshot8The initial release includes Caesar’s Campaign in Gaul, culminating in the siege of Alesia and the campaign between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great.  Players can also purchase an additional campaign: Rome’s invasion of Britannia, with the  battle of Verulamum, where Queen Boudicca met her end.

Further expansions are planned and will include:

  • the battle for Germany where the Romans lost three legions in the forest of Teutoburger
  • the battles against Mithradates the Great in Pontus
  • the infamous Parthia campaign where a whole Roman army perished in the desert

These later campaigns will also add fully armoured cataphracts, light cavalry archers, scythed chariots and the Greek Pike Phalanx to the game.

concept4Ancient Battle: Rome is due for release on iPhone, iPod and iPad in August 2013, priced at USD $1.99 / CAD $1.99 / EUR €1.59 / GBP £1.19 / AUS $2.49

You can keep track of the game’s progress on the Hunted Cow website, or on Facebook.

It all makes their omission from the Develop 100 even more inexplicable…!

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