Crackdown – BAFTA Winning Scottish Game Now FREE On Xbox Live

Crackdown_logoCrackdown, the superb free-roaming, crime-fighting, car-racing, gang-busting, orb-collecting, high-jumping sandbox game created by the late, lamented Realtime Worlds has just been released FREE for Xbox Live GOLD members.

If you have a gold membership then for the next couple of weeks (we believe) you can download it for no money whatsoever.

And you should.  It’s superb.  It’s fun.  It encourages exploration, experimentation and the gratuitous blowing up of things which ought not to be blown up.

crackdown_00This is part of Microsoft’s Games With Gold programme, which sees a number of classic Xbox titles released free-of-charge for a period of time.

If you’ve never played Crackdown before, it’s genuinely awesome.  It will tide you over until the doubtlessly more awesome GTA V.  AND you should check out the equally wonderful Crackdown 2, created by Dundee’s Ruffian Games, which ups the ante with hordes of night time zombies (OK, not zombies, but they’re quite zombiesque).

crackdown 2 logoRecommended…

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