Dare Uses AudioSkins For Enhanced Aural Pleasure

Dare Uses AudioSkins For Enhanced Aural Pleasure

dare 2013 entriesWhen you visit the Dare to be Digital ProtoPlay festival and stand, slack-jawed in front of the astonishing projects on display, pummelled by the merciless bass, or slipping on a set of comfy headphones, entranced by the cool, funky soundtrack, then the chances are you’ll have one company to thank.

Euphonious, the audio experts behind titles including Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean, Lego Harry Potter, Booty Quest and the more recent, epic paper-folding project, Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo, have made their AudioSkins range available to the Dare to be Digital teams – free.

IcvFOsreZyvBF4PrZTr4IR9jt_fhNmZAT0xUpPfJqKoThe Dare teams have to build a working prototype of a game in only nine weeks, with all of the constraints and pressure of working on an actual title in the real world.  One of those constraints is a budget for necessary technology – enabling the team to acquire engines or tools for development.

By making the AudioSkins range free, Euphonious is allowing every team to put audio at the heart of their game and ensuring that every Dare project can sound sensational.

AudioSkins are low-cost, self-contained packs of music and sound effects, all tailored for a particular type of game.  They’re been created and mixed to provide a consistent and thematic audio experience for every title, so developers don’t have to worry about remixing, editing, levels or messing around with the audio when they could be, you know, finishing the game…

Elaine Russell, Project Manager of Dare to be Digital, told us:

Dare to be Digital is delighted to be working with Euphonious for this year’s competition. All 15 teams were offered the chance to use Euphonious’s AudioSkins packs for free as part of the competition. 

As small teams working under intense pressure, having their audio provided for them is a very significant help, particularly as they’re produced by a BAFTA audio award winner. We’re really looking forward to Dare ProtoPlay in August, where all of these games will be put on display to the public for free.

If you’re a game developer or creator and you need audio for your next project, call the Euphonious team.  They can help…

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