Sky Without Sun: Target – New From Made With Numbers

Sky Without Sun: Target – New From Made With Numbers

405633_521576241234454_868512764_nMade With Numbers is a one man band, a company formed by veteran games programmer Alexander Illes, who decided that working on his own projects would be a fine idea.

Alex has since worked on a game framework for future projects, alongside his first commercial release – Sky Without Sun: Target.

Sky Without Sun: Target is a fast-paced arcade game in which the goal is destruction.  Big explosions, demolition and rubble EVERYWHERE…  Think Tetris only bakwards.

The player must stop block building robots from constructing towers and buildings.  These fiendish, presumably nano-technology and AI enabled mechanoids, swarm over the bottom of the screen, constructing cubes of pure EVIL, pushing them upwards, ever upwards towards the heavens.

If they succeed, if the roboto-towers reach unto a certain height, then it’s game over, man.  GAME OVER.  Then it’ll be DESTROY ALL HUMANS and home in time for electric tea and silicon scones and a gloat about destroying all humans.

sunws 001The future of mankind is therefore in your hands.  Your sweaty human hands.  Thankfully you are not only a pilot, you have a MASSIVE WEAPONS-LADEN plane and an array of presumably satellite-based weaponry (thank heavens (literally) for the US’s programme of weaponizing space in the early 21st century), which is thankfully robot-free and entirely under human control.

With your arsenal of ultimate explosiveness, you must foil the dastardly robo-foes’ attempts to breach the heavens, whereupon they shall surely establish a homogenising swarm of self-replication and jaggy metal genocide. You, commander must stop their construction activities and blow the raspberry jam out of their precise and mechanical, yet soulless tower blocks of atrocity.  Again and again, until they’ve learned their lesson.

Alongside your regular ordinance, you also have SUPER WEAPONS, which can destroy even MORE.

sunws 003Thankfully, commander, it’s all a training mission.  A sim if you will.  An exercise set by your imperious masters to drill you in the art of killing robots and raining pyrotechnic death down upon unsuspecting inhabitants, as they struggle on with their little lives, unaware of the beweaponed stealth aircraft, circling above, poised to unleash savagely exotic weapons upon them for the benefit of the mega-corporations who secretly control and influence your government pay masters.

There are two modes of destructive hilarity of firestorm doom – Time Challenge and Star Hunt.

Time Challenge requires players to keep the robots from reaching the top of the test chamber for as long as possible.

Star Hunt rewards precision, with direct and near hits on robots awarding players increasingly higher scoring stars.

sunws 002Sky Without Sun: Target also features and spectacularly awesome retro mode, with old school graphics and a deliciously blocky graphics which should keep even the most codgerly commanders happy and gurgling.

The game is OUT NOW for both iOS and Android devices.  Priced at a Pentagon-disappointing £1.49, it represents great value and is far, far cheaper than Stealth Bomber or indeed a tower building robot.

You can follow Made With Numbers and Sky Without Sun: Target on Facebook, or Twitter.  Or this YouTube thing we hear is quite popular these days.

No go and get the game and blow things up, pilot!  It’s your duty.

Buy the ANDROID version HERE.

Buy the iOS version HERE.

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