Breakfasts in Glasgow – Autopsies in Dundee: Next Wednesday’s Events In Scotland

Breakfasts in Glasgow – Autopsies in Dundee: Next Wednesday’s Events In Scotland

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What Can I say? It’s a glamorous life being a Scottish game developer…

While other developers have to settle for the overpopulated, over-polluted and oversubscribed streets and convention centres of LA to get their game dev fix, you can take a drive/bus/train/horse to your nearest Scottish Game City Locale and meet with an array of talented, like-minded individuals putting together meetups and events that you can grace with the presence of your pastey-and-slightly-sunburnt touche.

Why not begin the morning debating the issues that effect you most at the WeeWorld Glasgow Mobile Breakfast, back in action for a fourth helping of sharing, debating, and food fighting.

Previous attendees to the event should already have received their invitation by email, where they can register their attendance. However, if you’ve been stranded underneath a partially aroused Panda for the past few months, you can sign up through Eventbrite, where you’ll also find details of the time and place. Space – and comfy board room chairs – are quite limited at this meetup, which brings together mobile, web and other gaming technology business movers and shakers together from all over the joint, so make sure to set the alarm!


And if you thought that wasn’t good enough, you can hop over to Dundee, where the IGDA Scotland Chapter puts on it’s overalls and makes a series of witty incisions as we go deep into the guts of what makes a good-Bad Hotel, what makes Blips Bleep, and how certain YoYos just keep going, and going, and going…

The event takes place at Abertay’s Hannah Maclure Centre, 7pm sharpish, and is sure to be a belter of a night.

Just make sure your on the list: It’s good health and safety…

The Scottish Games Network’s got you covered morning noon and and night, but if you’ve got an event that’s hungry for a hip and trendy delegate list, do the smart thing and contact us, and maybe, just maybe (quite likely actually) you’re event will get a lovely Scottish Games man-hug too.

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