Inceptional’s Light Hero is FREE for one week only.  Yes, until May 27th, you can pick up Light Hero – for no money whatsoever – for your iPhone, Mac or PC.

If you complete the game, you could even win up to $100,000…

Light Hero is a retro style arcade space shooter where the goal is to collect as much of the valuable space mineral Phosphorium as possible while switching your charge state to match the mineral’s or risk short-circuiting your ship. Blast you way through the asteroid belt avoiding giant rocks and manoeuvring past black holes that suck in everything including your bullets, asteroids and even your ship with their gravitational pull. Discover alternate dimensions and fight against an unknown alien enemy. Maybe even face off against the Almighty K. It’s all in a day’s work for you, Light Hero, the greatest pilot in the galaxy.

The game features:

  • Up to $100,000 prize money for one lucky player who completes the game 100%
  • 9 Normal Levels
  • 9 brand new Bonus Levels
  • 18 alien dimensions
  • Infinite Mode for High Score challenge
  • All new 6-colour switch mechanic
  • Black holes that suck bullets, asteroids and player into their gravitational pull
  • Simple two touch control

Get the game now:

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