Minecraft Goes Retro. On A Disk, In A Box, On A Shelf, In A Shop…

Minecraft Goes Retro. On A Disk, In A Box, On A Shelf, In A Shop…

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1 The phenomenon which is Minecraft has taken the Xbox by storm.  By the end of March 2013, IGN reported that sales had passed 6,000,000 copies.  It’s the fastest selling Xbox Live game of all time, the biggest selling Xbox Live game of all time and the Xbox version became profitable less than 24 hours after it launched.  It also topped the first ever UK Xbox Live Arcade Top Ten.

However, not every Xbox player downloads games from the Internet.  Some players like to keep it real.  Or at least physical.  So on June 28th, the Xbox version of Minecraft (developed by 4J Studios in Dundee/East Linton) will hit retail.

Yes, you can buy the game on a disk.  In a box.  From a shop.  MCV puts the cost – in the US – at $20.  No word on the price for the UK, or the rest of the world.

Minecraft_EdinburghCastle_PanoramaSO, if you’ve been holding out and refusing to buy one of these new-fangled ‘downloads’, now there is no reason.  NO reason in this, or any other world, not to buy Minecraft for your Xbox.  It’s fun.  It’s creative.  It features many scary monsters.  You can build epicly, awesomely, inspirational stuff of every kind.

On a shiny disk.  In a box.

3D Boxshot Wizard RHS v1.1Minecraft!


      1. because people dont want to go and get 1600 microsoft points so they just go buy it on a disk instead and it saves time.

    1. They were going to release it a couple days ago actually.. April 30th in fact… They said that i was going to up to date as the download version! 🙂 but they jumped it into june? thats a long time for someone to push a game thats going to be “up to date” so the biggest rumor is why they pushed it that far back is because they are possibly hopefully releasing a REALLY BIG update! haha

  1. Hello are you going to put mods in to minecraft xbox360 please add more explosives and creatures maybe put it in tu12 please put in more weapons

    1. And one more thing, please add texture packs. Without it, it almost makes the HD useless when you’re the only one playing on your screen. Plus, I agree with Tom more inventions are need for the xbox version. For instance, when trying to clear out large amounts of water. Using sand is a pain. So maybe having something that is a lot easier would help.


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