Unicorn Space Command – Game Jam Title Hits Windows App Store

Unicorn Space Command – Game Jam Title Hits Windows App Store

Unicorn Space Command is a brand new game, created by Martin Grant,  2nd year Games Technology Student at the University of the West of Scotland (that’s right, there IS life outside Abertay).

Martin took part in a recent games jam at UWS sponsored by Microsoft.  Using Construct 2, an HTML5 games editor, he came up with a concept for a game which, cleverly, does not feature the notoriously pointy fore-headed pony of myth and legend.

It is instead a twist on the classic game, Asteroids.  Your ship is travelling through an asteroid field and as a brave and steely-eyed commander, you take control of the ship’s rainbow cannons and disintegrate the bejesus out of the malevolent tumbling space rocks.

unicorn space commandUnicorn Space Command won the game jam and has now been released for Windows.  You can download it for free and do your part to make the space lanes safer and more efficient for families of tentacled monstrosities, gelatinous blobs, large-headed green things and earth’s own secret secret space programme…

We asked Martin what his plans for the game are.  he told us:

I plan on working on expanding the game after I finish my uni work for summer, potentially letting the player actually pilot the ship in a 2D or 3D space and allow additional components to be added your ship to improve its survivability/firepower. Definitely get it on the mobile app stores as it’s quite suited as a tablet game.

Congratulations to Martin on his stunning victory and first game to market.


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