Pixels On Toast Is Up To Something…

Pixels On Toast Is Up To Something…

This arrived in Inboxes earlier this week.  It’s from Pixels On Toast, creators of the critically acclaimed Food Run and Word Crasher.

Pixels On Toast - SecretThey are clearly working on something.  The question is… what?  Something about a monorail?  A zip?  Quite a flat castle?

We don’t know.

Founder, Kevin Ng, is something of an elusive figure, combining the shadowy mystery of Howard Hughes and the esoteric agenda of Jason Rohrer, with the sinister influence of a cult leader.

We suspect subliminal techniques may be involved in this apparently harmless ‘teaser’.  We have forwarded the e-mail onto the security services and have been told to remain where we are.

Further updates as our shackles permit.

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