Scotland IS Reports Skills Gap Looming In Scottish Software Sector

Scotland IS Reports Skills Gap Looming In Scottish Software Sector

ScotlandIS_logo_sRGB_JPG_1A recent report from software trade body, Scotland IS predicts that Scotland is facing a serious shortage of qualified staff within the digital media sector:

Among the skills in greatest demand are software and web development, required by 66% of those who took part in the survey, with commercial and business skills sought by 53% and project management by 49%.

Sales are expected to rise by 80% of those responding, and more than half are selling overseas, with a further 13% planning to do so.

Scotland IS told the BBC that the lack of skills is a ‘critical barrier’ as an increasing number of companies report hard-to-fill vacancies and shortages of specific skills.

Alastair O’Brien, of Amor group and deputy chair of ScotlandIS, said:

The software industry in Scotland is crying out for suitably qualified graduates, growth in our industry is being restricted and Scotland is losing out to other countries.

It is unacceptable in the midst of a world-wide digital revolution that Scotland doesn’t have enough talented graduates to exploit fantastic global opportunities.

In order to be successful, Scotland needs more qualified graduates, we need to encourage and provide the opportunities for the next generation of students to be part of such a successful industry.

You can read the whole report here.

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