Name Hairy Dare

Name Hairy Dare

lego-wizard-magicien-minifigure-castle-kingdoms-guildLet’s say, hypothetically,  you were at technically-minded wizard of interactive wonder.  As all technically-minded wizards of interactive wonder, you have a ludicrously adorable little ball of fluff as a pet, confident and familiar.  It’s cuter than an Aibo, simpler to look after and doesn’t need to be fed oil and paper, or have it’s switch tickled.

namehairydareHere’s the little tuppence.  Awwww.  So, the question is then, what the dickens would you call such fuzzy little lumpkin?

It’s a question that Dare to be Digital is looking for help with.  The competition has launched an online survey using Twitter to find a suitable name for the hairy wee critter, using the hashtag #namehairydare.

Can you help?  We know from research that >87% of our readers are smarter than Edge readers and an impressive 91% have more taste and style than anyone who leaves a comment on Kotaku.

So, please.  Please help.  The Dare trust never puts down an unnamed hairy thing, but they need your help.  For only £2 per month, this as yet unidentified mass of hair/fur can be given a cosy blanket, a dish with his/her/it’s name on it and a grad student who can attempt to find out what food and beverages it likes.  It could be biscuits, it could be dead flies, we just don’t know.

Are we a compassionate community or a lacklustre cadre of uncaring contemptible cads?

Vote now, give this thing a name.  Think hard.  Go to Twitter.  Tell the world. You have only hours to beat the heck out of the current ideas…

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