Abertay Team Competing In ‘Make Something Unreal’ Competition Final

make something unrealEpic Games’ Make Something Unreal Live is an international game development competition open to full time students at universities and colleges across Europe.

22 teams, comprised of over 170 students submitted game concepts which based on the theme “Mendelian inheritance: genetics and genomics” which spans concepts such as variation, mutation and other behaviors of the human genome.

Team Summit, a group of students from Abertay university in Dundee will be competing in the final, later this week, which takes place at the Gadget Show Live event, in London.

Beings - Gadget Show game - Abertay University - 1Team Summit: Claudio Bozzotta, Vijay Kesiraju, Clement Marcou and Gaurav Pant, have created a game called Beings, a puzzle platform game, based upon the laws of genetics.

In Beings the player takes the role of several cute creatures, on a quest to reach a peaceful, promised land.  They have to find a suitable partner, mate and inherit the characteristics and abilities of their parents to overcome obstacles such as fire, high cliffs and poisonous plants.

Gaurav Pant said:

To reach the finals of Make Something Unreal Live is amazing. The team worked so hard to create a fun game about the laws of genetics, something that would appeal to children but also be an educational tool in disguise.  We’re all really looking forward to demonstrating Beings at the Gadget Show Live twice a day, as we keep building and refining the game. It’ll be great to show our work to so many members of the public.  The aim is to win the competition, then hopefully set up our own business so we can complete and release Beings. There’s definitely a market for fun, enjoyable games that are also educational, and we think our game could be a real success.

Beings - Gadget Show game - Abertay University - 2Dr Iain Donald from Abertay University said:

Team Summit are a very talented group of students, and they’ve done exceptionally well to beat all the other entries to make it to the live finals in Birmingham.  At Abertay we’re really keen for our students to apply the skills they learn to create games that are artistic and educational, as well as being entertaining. Computer games is such a rich creative field and it’s a delight to see students embracing this right at the start of their careers.

Make Something Unreal Live is taking part at the Gadget Show Live in the NEC Birmingham from today until Sunday 7 April.

Good luck Team Summit…

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