Tag Games Opens Doors To Banned Hotel Vegas

ColourHighThe inclusion of a naked, pole-dancing prince of the royal household has caused Tag Games‘ latest title Hotel Vegas to be banned in the UK, according to the Dundee-based developer.

StawkerFrontCoverMedTag’s latest title is a celebrity gossip and scandal driven management game, in which players take control of a celebrity-packed Vegas hotel, in which the usual celebrity, tabloid-baiting activities take place.  Rather than abandon the morally bankrupt wretches to the drooling paparazzi, players must protect their famous charges and ensure that what happens in Vegas doesn’t end up on the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame…

Paul Farley, Tag founder and MD, told MCV that the game will  “seriously challenge the limits of acceptable parody and satire in mobile gaming”.

HarryMedTag’s lawyers have advised the company not to release the game in the UK, as it features royal party enthusiastic, fancy-dress fan and buttock flasher, Price Harry, following his naked ‘romp’ in a Las Vegas hotel room in August 2012.

You can download the game here.  Unless you’re in the UK, in which case you can watch the promotional video and dream of living in a country where libel action is not quite as simple and rewarding as selling photos of celebrities in the altogether to a corrupt, purulent media.

4 thoughts on “Tag Games Opens Doors To Banned Hotel Vegas

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    1. Nah, that’s how TAG itself labels it. Since they’ve been advised not to sell it here, I’m guessing they are milking the “Look, it’s controversial!” thing for all it’s worth. Not that I blame them – it’s definitely attention grabbing!


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