Two Fat Ladies Help Binary Pumpkin Grab Valentine By The Balls

Two Fat Ladies Help Binary Pumpkin Grab Valentine By The Balls

large_logo_transDundee’s premier fruit-based development studio, Binary Pumpkin has been enjoying a a great deal of success with their inaugural game, Pumpkin Bingo.  The game’s had over 50,000 downloads on Google play and has over 2000 ratings, averaging around 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Icon_005Now the studio has updated the game with a new seasonal version, Valentines Bingo, in which the balls are hearts, the mood is luscious, the interface romantic, the soundtrack the sensual ba-dunk ba-dunk of a beating heart and the whole game is awash upon a glittering ocean of love and a stolen kiss.

Co-Founding cutie of Binary Pumpkin, ultimate romantic programmer on Valentine Bingo, Bruce ‘Flowers’ McNeish told us:

Pumpkin Bingo players are 85% female according to our data, so we thought we would provide a get-out clause for all those who forget Valentine’s day and suffer the consequences. We are offering Valentines Bingo as a free alternative to service station flowers and cheap cards and with an Infinite Plays in app purchase, it is definitely the gift that keeps giving!”

2013-02-11_10-04-47Lol ‘Chocolates’ Scragg, the good looking rebel who plays by his own rules, turned to us in the half light, the candle flame glittering in his deep, dark eyes and growled:

“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, if you’ve forgotten Valentines Day, Valentines Bingo is for you…”

Before leaping bareback onto a horse and riding off into the sunset, his tousled raven locks, streaming behind him in the evening breeze.

Valentines Bingo is OUT NOW for Android devices exclusively.

2013-02-11_10-04-27Pumpkin Bingo is available for both Android and iOS devices.  The team are also working on making the game available through the Amazon App Store, Nook App Store, Google TV and PlayStation Mobile.

Rumours that the next title in production at the Binary Pumpkin digital love dungeon is a fun-packed Twister-type party game based on the best-selling novel, 50 Shades Of Grey, are unconfirmed that the time of writing.

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