BBC Scotland Announces ‘Connected Studio’, Looking For Developers

BBC Scotland Announces ‘Connected Studio’, Looking For Developers

bbc_50The BBC has announced a new event called Connected Studio, running in Glasgow on the 21st of February.

Connected Studio has been created to bring together creative practitioners and developers with BBC staff to create, submit and develop ideas for innovative new features and formats, with BBC Staff and creators working together in an open and collaborative environment.

There is a fund of £1 million ready to invest over the 10 BBC Online Products in selected proof of concepts and working pilots, as well as a commitment of staff time from across Future Media. So whether the pitch is from BBC Staff, an external company, freelancer or a collaborative effort the support is there to push successful ideas through.

So far Connected Studio has had 209 pitches, 51 proof of concepts and 19 pilots.

bbc creative studioBBC Connected Studio is broken down into three stages:

  • Creative Studio – The aim of the 1-day Creative Studio events is to generate concepts in an open, collaborative session then work in a team to present proof-of-concepts
  • Build Studio – These intensive 2-day events bring together successful teams from the Creative Studio events to develop proofs-of-concepts of the ideas they pitched.
  • Pilot – Up to 3 teams will be allocated a budget of up to £50,000 of external spend or similar BBC staff time to build and test a real-world pilot, which will be user-tested and evaluated by the BBC Product teams

For the upcoming Knowledge & Learning Connected Studio on February 21st the BBC is running a multi-site Creative Studio held simultaneously over three BBC Locations in Salford, Glasgow and Cardiff. All participants will be working to the same Innovation Brief, will have the same access to audience insight and BBC knowledge, and all will have the same chance of being selected to attend the Build Studio event in Salford on March 13th & 14th.

To apply visit the Eventbrite booking system. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Any questions on Rights, Confidentiality & Optioning should be addressed to the BBC website or emailed to  Or you can follow BBC Connected on Twitter.

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