Drop In And Play – NEoN Needs Your Games

NEoN_logo_reversed_cmykThe NEoN 2012 festival introduced a new event called Drop In And Play.  They invited smaller developers to take their games along to the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre and let members of the public play with them.

Denki Quartic Llama and Lucky Frame all joined in, as well as the Malta-based digital artist Pippin Barr.

The event was such a success that the DCA has asked the NEoN team to put together another Drop In And Play event, to coincide with the launch of Pixar’s new video-game themed movie, Wreck it Ralph.

They’re looking for companies to join in.

If you have a game in development.  If you can see value in getting direct feedback from punters, players and families, then you should talk to the NEoN team.

NEoN drop in and playHere’s the word from the team:

  • The event will be on Sunday the 10th February from 3pm – 5pm
  • It will be held in the Dundee Contemporary Arts Building in Dundee
  • The event will be a relaxed format where the public get a chance to interact with developers and their creations
  • You must have a playable prototype or finished product to show
  • We would love it if you have some artwork or other non-digital things to display (not essential)
  • You must supply any computer or device needed to demonstrate your project
  • individuals or small companies can apply
  • The event is free and open to the public
  • The DCA and NEoN will promote the event and big up your involvement!

NEoN hopes to get everything agreed and let companies know by the 21st of January, so get your skates on and e-mail contact@fleetcollective.com.

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