Scotland – Mobile Tower Defence Capital Of The World…

Scotland – Mobile Tower Defence Capital Of The World…

bagpiperIt’s Christmas.  So for games sites with less dedicated editorial staff and a surfeit of lovely news, it means that it’s time for round-ups, top tens and lists of the best [x] game(s) of 2012, where [x] is a genre, platform, or sub set of those based upon the site’s own focus.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 13.04.14IGN is leading from the front, with a round up of the year’s best mobile games.  Once again, Scotland puts in an astonishingly strong performance in the Tower Defence genre.

ibomber defense pacificCobra’s iBomber Defense Pacific scooped the title, with TDFKADG (Ninja Kiwi’s) Bloons TD5 and Lucky Frame’s Bad Hotel both nominated.

Congratulations to Cobra and Ninja Kiwi (Or the developer formerly known as Digital Goldfish if you’re being formal) and Lucky Frame.

You can see the whole Best of Mobile list here.  No other Scottish companies feature (we think).

With 86 game developers in the country, we can’t wait to see what the hell we come up with in 2013, but we’re expecting nothing less than total global domination.

Don’t let us down, people…

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