Lord Of The Rings + Lego + Euphonious = Sounds

Lord Of The Rings + Lego + Euphonious = Sounds

LEGO Lord Of The RingsEuphonious is rapidly becoming the busiest interactive audio company in Scotland.  The studio, formed by Raymond Usher (ex DMA Design/Realtime Worlds) provided sounds for some of the recent releases mentioned on the Scottish Games Network, including Cobra’s Danger Derby and Outplay’s Bubble Blaze, but has also contributed a serious amount of work to the new Lego Lord Of The Rings game.

The Euphonious team provided over 80 minutes worth of music and audio for all of the cut scenes for the game.  That is, as the team helpfully pointed out, as long as many feature films.  The audio contains dialogue and music from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as you’d expect.

Euphonious created the console AND handheld versions of the audio – as well as the localised versions, translated into English, French, German and Spanish, from the original Elvish.

This being 2012, someone has already – thoughtfully – captured all of the cut scenes and spliced them together into a single feature length movie of ultimate awesome.  It’s all the best bits of the trilogy – IN LEGO.

If you’re a fan of the movies, then we’d recommend watching this one.  It captures all the sweeping, epic majesty of Peter Jackson’s vision, if it had been created by Pixar.  Using Lego.  For fun.  On a Friday afternoon.  The hobbits are, if anything, cuter, Aragon more chiseled and the drama more intense than the originals.

Huge congratulations to Euphonious on their involvement in the project.  Anyone still considering a Christmas present for the child and/or geek in their life should consider Lego Lord Of The Rings rather seriously.

Spoiler: Sean Bean dies.  Cutely.

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